Our 2,750 hectares of vineyard are located in the region called “Mancha Baja”, at an average 722 meters above sea level. The soils of varied composition (clayey, sandy, limestone …) feed our vineyards’ roots and give them their own peculiarities, linked to this region.

In addition, the characteristics of the orographic system and the pluviometry, as well as an exhaustive control by our technicians of all the vegetative states of the vine, guarantee a perfect maturation, an adequate acidity, sugars, tannins and polyphenols, providing, thus, grapes with great balance and structure.

400 ml/año

3000 h/año

722 m

Based on these growing conditions, the varieties that best adapt to our lands and environmental characteristics have been selected for decades, also incorporating international varieties recognized for the quality of their wines. These include:

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